What We Do
The National Audit Office has the statutory responsibility to audit the accounts of all Ministries, Government Departments, Local Authorities, a wide range of Statutory/non-Statutory Bodies and Special Funds, and to report its findings thereon.
Our Commitments
We shall:
·         Maintain our independence.
·         Observe a high level of professionalism and integrity.
·         Show fairness, objectivity and impartiality in our work.
·         Ensure confidentiality of materials/information provided to us.
·         Honour the confidence and trust conferred on us.
·         Be courteous, polite, helpful and considerate.
·         Submit Annual Audit Report for the Accounts of the Government within 5 months of the end of the Financial Year and for other Bodies, to submit Audit Certificates within 3 weeks of the receipt of all information requested by us following the completion of the audit.
·         Provide on-going staff training and development.

What We Expect From Our Customers
Prompt submission of relevant, reliable, complete, clear and accurate documents/information.

Provision of clean accessible offices and other facilities to our staff during the audit.

Cooperation and collaboration.
Services We Do Not Provide
Because of our statutory mandate we do not:
·         Prepare Financial Statements for our customers.
·         Provide consultancy services.
·         Specifically look for fraud (although these may come to light in the course of audit).