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National Audit Office

Special Reviews 2001

Report of the Director of Audit for the year ended 30 June 2001
Volume 2 : Special Reviews


Special Reviews

My Office has since 1995 carried out Special Reviews on various topics which were included in Volume II of my Report. With the amendment to the Finance and Audit Act effective from 1 July 2001, I have to satisfy myself that satisfactory management measures have been and are taken to ensure that resources are procured economically and utilised efficiently and effectively. Volume II of the 2000-01 Audit Report contains the findings of the Special Reviews.
 The "Solid Waste Management - Waste Collection and Disposal" was identified by Government in the 1990's, as one of the top priorities for the next decade. Inadequate solid waste management can have significant negative impact on our environment. Mauritius generates some 380,000 tons of waste per annum. Government is spending more than Rs 500 million per annum for the collection, transportation and disposal of refuse waste. Waste generation and cost will increase significantly if not properly managed. Waste collection was not efficient. Illegal dumping is a serious problem and waste disposal facilities are saturated. I have recommended that Government should invest in alternative disposal methods. Control and monitoring mechanisms need to be improved. A comprehensive legal framework for solid waste must be introduced.
 In the "Air Pollution" it was found that vehicle emission and industrial combustion processes are the major contributors of air pollution. The current legal and institutional framework is not adequate to discourage polluters. It needs to be revised to empower the Ministry of Environment to enforce the air quality standards. The quality of the air has an incidence on health. Official Statistics for the year 2000 have shown that 69 per cent of the deaths in Mauritius are related to diseases where air pollution is a contributory factor. I have also recommended that an in-depth study be carried out to assess the impact of air pollution.
 "Project Management" at the level of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure should be improved to meet clients' requirements and ensure timely completion of a project, within cost and conforming to specifications. Weaknesses found included delays in the award and completion of projects, inadequate survey and planning at design stage, poor supervision and inadequate staff training. Further, testing of materials has confirmed poor quality of works. I have recommended proper monitoring and follow up of projects.