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                                               Who We Are
The National Audit Office (NAO)
has been established by the Constitution of the Republic of
NAO is an independent public body and has at its head, the Director of Audit whose
appointment, indepen
dence, security of tenure and authority, are spelt out in the Constitution.
His duties and powers are laid down in the Finance and Audit Act and several other legislations.

n the international forum, NAO is referred to as the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of

NAO forms an
integral part of the governance system of Mauritius, playing an essential role in
the accountability
cycle. The Legislature (National Assembly) is the only authority to
appropriate pub
lic funds to public sector entities which are therefore accountable to the
l Assembly for the use of financial resources provided to them.
It is the responsibility of the
NAO to give independent assurance to the National Assembly
that the
se entities are operating and accounting for their performance in accordance with the
purpose intended by the National Assembly.
NAO contributes to the improvement in the
management of public funds, promoting
accountability and transparency.
Statutory responsibilities a
nd powers have been conferred upon the Director of Audit to fulfill
his obligations.
NAO has the statutory authority to examine and report on the Annual
Statements of the Republic of Mauritius,
the underlying records of all Ministries and
Government Departments
, as well as the accounts of a large number of other public sector

NAO is
a member of international and regional blocks including the International Organisation
of Suprem
e Audit Institutions (INTOSAI) which operates as an umbrella organisation for the
external government audit communit
y. We adhere to the International Standards of Supreme
Audit Institutions
(ISSAIs) which are professional standards and best practice guidelines for
public sector auditors, authorised and endorsed by INTOSAI.

NAO operates within regulations pertaining to the Public Sector and has qualified, experienced

and committed staff
who assist the Director of Audit in the discharge of his legal obligations.