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​2020-21 Provision of Social Housing
Enhancing Road Safety in Mauritius

2017-18 Effectiveness of In​t​​ernal Audit Function and Audit Committees in Ministries and Government Departments
Preparedness for Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals
Government Response to Mitigate the Impact of Flooding
Moving Towards Sustainable Artisanal Fishery in Mauritius​​​
​2016-17 Management of the Fleet of VIP Vehicles​​​
Prevention and Control of Non Communicable Diseases
 Asset Management in Local Authorities
Response to Cases of Child Maltreatment
​2015-16 Boosting Food Crop Production​​​​
●​ Computerisation of Patient Health Records
●​ Implementation of Sustainable Tourism Strategies
●​​ Moving Towards Renewable Energy - Solar Water Heater Grant Scheme
​2015Healthcare Waste Management in Regional Hospitals
●​​ ​Enhancing Employability of Jobseekers​
​2014 PAR 2014 Acquisition and Use of Lands for Govt Projects
​PAR 2014 Lease and Use of Office Accommodation
PAR 2014 Maintenance of Govt School Buildings
● ​PAR 2014 Use and Maintenance of Sports Facilities